CBCU's Helping Hands Fund 2023

Cape Breton Credit Union’s Helping Hands Fund

Cape Breton Credit Union’s Helping Hands Fund is an application-based program that offers annual funding of $50,000 to community groups or organizations that are fundraising for capital projects that benefit the people and the community.

Applications are open and will be accepted until September 30th, 2023!


Eligibility Criteria

  • The project or program must support one of two priority areas:
    • Community and economic development                 
    • Youth and education
  • Funding used to build, expand and/or improve facilities that support the development of our communities and/or development and implementation of programs that support the people in our communities.
  • Must benefit groups or many people in the community.
  • Must be a capital project or a one-time investment. Annual operating costs will not qualify for CBCU’s CSR Funding
  • The majority of funds are directly utilized for the project or program, with minimal administrative costs.
  • Must be completed within one year of receiving CBCU’s CSR funding. Receipts and invoices are required.
  • Provides the most exposure possible while maintaining Cape Breton Credit Union’s respected and professional image.
  • Project or program reflects positively on Cape Breton Credit Union. Key players in the project may be asked to co-operate with the credit union in publicity opportunities.

Funding will not be provided for

  • Projects or programs that take place outside the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.
  • Projects that have been previously funded by CBCU
  • Political or religious organizations
  • Advocacy organizations whose causes are publicly controversial
  • Individuals
  • Conferences

Additional Information

  • An organization can be funded more than once, but a project cannot.
  • While membership at Cape Breton Credit Union is not a requirement, preference will be given to our members when the final decision must be made between two comparable projects.

Applications will be accepted until September 30th. Requests will be reviewed on an annual basis. Completed applications, along with supporting documents, can be submitted online, and returned to 340 Prince St., Sydney or 135 Reserve St., Glace Bay branches or by mail, fax, or email.


To apply online, click here


How do I apply?
You can submit your application online, or pick up an application form to complete at your convenience and submit by mail, fax, or email. Or drop it off at your branch.

I’m having trouble submitting the online application. What should I do?
You may come to the branches and submit your application or you can email your name and contact information to marketing@cbcu.ca

Can the entire $50,000 be awarded to one community group or organization? Or will the funding always be split?

Funding can be awarded to one project if selected by the committee. Some projects only require a partial amount because additional funding is secured from other areas, therefore we can support more than one project with Cape Breton Credit Union’s Helping Hands Fund.