About Us

Cape Breton Credit Union

We are a full service co-operative financial institution serving members all over Cape Breton Island and beyond. Our friendly staff place top priority on providing outstanding personal service, short waiting times, no appointments necessary.

We are a piece of history in our communities. Cape Breton Credit Union started in 1932 as Dosco Employees Credit Union, for the Steel Plant workers to have a financial institution that understood their needs. As the credit union grew, we became Steel Centre Credit Union, located at 340 Prince Street in Sydney. Our second branch, located on 135 Reserve Street, was once Coady Credit Union, which opened in 1933 to the miners in Glace Bay. In January 2017, Steel Centre Credit Union and Coady Credit Union became what we kow now as Cape Breton Credit Union. 

When you open an account with Cape Breton Credit Union, you become a member and an owner of the credit union. Meaning, you have the right to vote for our Board of Directors. You have the opportunity to sit on the board yourself one day and let your voice be heard of how the credit union can make the best decisions for our members financial well being. 

Cape Breton Credit Union is proud to offer you a competititive line of financial products, services, and guidence to help you at every financial stage. We offer personal accounts, trust accounts, commercial accounts, investments such as RRSP's and TFSA's, loans, mortgages, credit cards and more! Additionally, we have the products to help you with everyday online banking, which includes a variety of featurs for your convenience

We know our products because we use them ourselves. We know our community because we live and volunteer in it. We know our members because we take pride in getting to know each one personally, to build a long lasting, meaningful relationship. 

For all your Financial needs, Bank Cape Breton First!

Mission Statement

To contribute to the well-being of members and our entire Cape Breton community by delivering the quality financial products and services they need to achieve their financial goals.


Our members will think of us first for all of their financial needs by making available all the services they require either directly through the credit union or through a credit union partner.