Personal Loans

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Loans for newcomers

Whatever your needs may be, from buying a new car to taking a vacation or easing your debt load, there is a personal loan that will suit your lifestyle. Pre-approved loans are also available, giving you the convenience of buying when you are ready.

We offer very competitive rates and your loan may be repaid at any time without penalty. Payments may be made weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Payments may also be set up as an automatic debit from your credit union account or from any other financial institution. With Member Direct (our internet banking system) you could make your payments from the comfort of your own home. Whatever is best for you.

Credit Life Insurance up to (coverage may go until age 75) and Credit Disability Insurance coverage’s are available to eligible borrowers.

If you are looking to get that pool you've always dreamed of, or consolidating all your credit cards and current loans into on easy payment - contact us today!